ECLID members present four applications for cultural and linguistic generic top level domains

Four of the five members of the group European Cultural and Linguistic Domains (ECLID) are on the list of new generic top level domains applications posted by ICANN, the organisation that governs the Domain Name System of the Internet. They are .bzh, which seeks a domain for the language and culture of Brittany; .eus, for the Basque language and culture; .gal, for the Galician language and culture; and .scot, for the Scottish languages and culture.

The fifth member of ECLID, .cat, has been operating successfully since 2005 as the only cultural and linguistic domain approved by ICANN. The Fundació puntCAT, the registry operator, has registered more than 50.000 .cat websites related to Catalan language and culture.

All the applications sent by members of ECLID are categorised as community domains. According to the ICANN Application Guidebook, this means that the candidates have to prove that they have the support of the communities for whom the domain is intended. ECLID members have submitted the documents required to demonstrate that they have the support of their respective cultural and linguistic communities.

ECLID members have been collaborating for years in different fields, such as marketing actions and lobbying on ICANN-related issues. For example, ECLID recently sent a letter to the CEO of the ICANN suggesting an alternative to the system of ‘digital archery’ which ICANN launched as a mechanism to rank the evaluation order for over 1.900 new gTLD program candidates. Finally, ‘digital archery’ was suspended by ICANN.

At this moment, members of ECLID are working in order to make their organization more robust. The final aim is to improve the performance of the new generic top level domains for the European cultural and linguistic communities and, consequently, to contribute to increasing the multilingualism of the DNS.

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