Use of a Drawing for Prioritizing New gTLD Applications

The ECLID Network (European Cultural and Linguistic Internet Domains) which currently represents the .bzh, .cat, .eus, .gal and .scot projects, appreciates the opportunity to provide comments with regard to use of drawing for prioritizing new gTLD applications.

ICANN’s communication informing the community about the use of the drawing sets forth that “IDNs will be given a priority. Advance release of IDNs promotes DNS diversity, makes the Internet more accessible, increases avenues of participation and serves the public interest”.

As a group composed of cultural and linguistic bids from public interest’s groups, we commend ICANN’s proposal to promote DNS diversity and to serve the global public interest. ECLID also believes that ICANN’s recognition of the community based TLDs as a differentiated category within the new gTLD applicant guidebook also responds to the global public interest service, and that, therefore, the global public interest would be better served were these applications also be prioritized along the IDNs.

ECLID believes that the small number of community applicants (4% of the applications, whereas IDNs represent the 6.5%) would not delay or hinder the remainder of the applications.

ECLID acknowledges the 17 October 2012 GAC Communiqué that includes “Some members consider that geographic name gTLDs approved by the relevant government authority, community names and applications from developing countries should likewise be prioritized.” ECLID concurs with the members of the GAC that suggested community names be prioritized.

We think, due to the reasons herein exposed, that the prioritization of the community based TLDs along with the IDN gTLDs would better serve the global public interest ICANN represents, and would be complete accordance with the rationale used by ICANN to prioritize IDN applications.

The explicit support these applications have from their respective Public Authorities, the entities entitled at the local level to serve and promote the public interest, should be taken into consideration by ICANN in order to promote an alignment between the local and global public interest spheres.

Respectfully submitted
Nacho Amadoz


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