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  • Use of a Drawing for Prioritizing New gTLD Applications

    The ECLID Network (European Cultural and Linguistic Internet Domains) which currently represents the .bzh, .cat, .eus, .gal and .scot projects, appreciates the opportunity to provide comments with regard to use of drawing for prioritizing new gTLD applications. ICANN’s communication informing the community about the use of the drawing sets forth that “IDNs will be given […]

  • ECLID members present four applications for cultural and linguistic generic top level domains

    Four of the five members of the group European Cultural and Linguistic Domains (ECLID) are on the list of new generic top level domains applications posted by ICANN, the organisation that governs the Domain Name System of the Internet. They are .bzh, which seeks a domain for the language and culture of Brittany; .eus, for […]

  • Who Cares About 50,000 .CAT’s?

    By Nacho Amadoz, Chair of ECLID – European Cultural and Linguistic Internet Domains This past May 19th, 5 years after its sunrise, puntCAT arrived at the 50,000 domain names landmark. We know that, nowadays, 50,000 domain names may hardly be described as shocking news, and, certainly, this is not our limit, and we believe there’s […]